15 Amazing Things That Happen When You Quit Sugar

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Sugar is known to be not only addictive, but potentially dangerous. Consuming great amounts of it can be as hard on your liver as alcohol. It can lead to many serious health problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, headaches, immune system suppression, chromium deficiency, tooth decay, gum disease and much more.

Quitting sugar can be as hard as quitting cigarettes and can affect you in many of the same ways. It is not generally something you want to quit cold turkey, as the side effects can be hard to deal with. You might notice that you feel incredibly tired, need lots of extra caffeine and have headaches from withdrawal. Some of these can feel quite serious. You may also become short-tempered and have an overall feeling of depression in some cases. 

It is best to start slowly. You may choose to forego just a few sugary items to start with, especially if your intake was much higher than normal. 

After the initial feelings of withdrawal and lack of energy, you will start to experience the benefits. 

1. Your heart health will improve.

The recommended daily amount of sugar for women, according to the American Heart Association is about six teaspoons; however, most adults in the United States consume more than three times that amount on any given day. The fact that there are many foods…

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