Google plans to increase censorship on Youtube

The issue of filtering out content that advocates or glorifies terrorism on widely-used media sites like Alphabet’s YouTube has come under renewed scrutiny since authorities learned that 23-year-old Salman Abedi was radicalized after watching videos of an American preacher posted on the site. So unsurprisingly, barely two weeks after UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused tech companies of providing a “safe space” for extremist content, Google’s General Counsel Kent Walker has revealed four new measures the company is taking to censor its users.

The biggest change? Questionable content that doesn’t explicitly meet the grounds for removal under the YouTube’s terms of use will now be buried, as the New York Times noted, while the site also plans to enhance its abilities to automatically filter out content that does meet these standards.

These videos will now come with a warning, be banned from featuring adds or collecting advertising revenue, or be recommended, endorsed, or commented on. Users will still be able to find the content once the policy goes into effect, but it will eliminate one of the most prominent means of transmission – sharing over social media networks like Twitter and the messaging app Telegram.

“…we will be taking a tougher stance on videos that do not clearly violate our policies — for example, videos that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. In future these will appear behind an interstitial warning and they will not be monetised, recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements. That means these videos will have less engagement and be harder to find. We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints.”

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  • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    The problem with censorship is XXXXXXXX!

    • EJ Doyle

      What? I couldn’t read what you said??

  • RoHa

    All videos critical of Israel will disappear.
    All videos arguing against the Man Made Global Warming story will disappear.
    All videos which suggest that Russian and/or Putin are not totally evil manifestations of Satan will disappear.
    But what will happen to Iranian videos featuring cats?

    • EJ Doyle

      Videos on all the false flag events, past and future.
      Videos on Chemtrails, toxin food, flouride, etc.

    • poopycatfart

      The zionist agenda.

  • EJ Doyle

    Essentially they are saying: “Shut up and do as we say and Fu*k the 1st amendment.”

  • gmatch

    Well did you notice when you use apps on your smart TV, Roku, smart phone – you always get different sanitized content on YouTube such as kiddy movies etc.. F… Google.

  • H00per

    Boycott Google and install a ad blocker like Adblock Plus, find Youtube alternatives like DailyMotion and use a privacy-friendly Google alternative like Startpage

  • chris

    what utter and complete nonsense! ‘radicalized from watching preachers’ wtf? was he brainwashed then? or were the usual culprits involved? you know ,the subversive govt agencies/?