Hollywood has a pro-abortion Agenda

You may believe Hollywood touts a strong pro-choice bias. And according to a recent poll, most Americans would agree with you.

Rewind to January 2017 – a politically fraught month, with the Women’s March and March for Life scheduled back-to-back, not to mention President Trump’s Inauguration. Twenty million viewers were watching Meryl Streep vent about politics and call Hollywood and the press “the most vilified segments in American society right now.” She also lauded Hollywood’s impressive cultural diversity.

Yet cultural and intellectual diversity aren’t quite as pervasive as Streep seems to think. According to a poll from the Barna Group, a majority believes Hollywood is pushing a one-sided agenda.

Twenty-nine percent of Americans believe Hollywood films increasingly send pro-choice messages (compared to 14 percent, who claim recent films send no messages at all, or 25 percent, who claim Hollywood sends primarily pro-life messages). Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter noted the filmmakers behind the new independent film, Because of Gracia (to be released this September) commissioned the poll.

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  • gmatch

    Look – late abortion for all Trumps, Clintons, Bush’s wouldn’t that be great?