Bill Gates: Europe Will Be Overwhelmed Unless It Stems Flow Of Migrants

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Africa’s population explosion will overwhelm Europe unless the continent makes it more difficult for migrants to reach its shores.

The American billionaire’s comments come as European leaders discuss what to do about the surging number of Africans arriving in Italy each week, with Rome calling for other European Union (EU) nations to open their ports to docking migrants so as to ease pressure on the Mediterranean nation.

In an interview with the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Gates said massive population growth in Africa will result in “enormous [migratory] pressure” on Europe unless countries increase overseas development aid payments.

Praising Germany having achieved its commitment to devote 0.7 per cent of GDP to foreign aid as “phenomenal”, the 61-year-old called on “other European nations to follow its example”.

But Gates also spoke of a dilemma caused by ‘the German attitude to refugees’, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Europe’s borders to illegal migrants arriving from the third world.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” Gates told the Sunday newspaper.

“Germany cannot possibly take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

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  • amuncat

    Everybody has heard by now about George Clooney and his wifie abandoning their 35$$$million + mansion in Lk Como, Italy to live in LA due to “”security””! I mean, like BG, these are the 1%érs who started the ball rolling in the first place! Eat it! He and his wife are such hypocrites when they were televising worldwide an interview with “refugee””Syrian” families! Surely they are going to turn over the Como place to at least 50 families!

    And to think, he just sold his tequila for billions!!!! SURELY, it’s enough to feed the babies and a couple of million Syrian families….

    • Zaphod Braden

      I bet dollars to donuts Clooney is as manly as Rock Hudson …. and Amal & the kids is just a decoration

  • gmatch

    Typical American stupidity! First Bill Gates country bombs these people out of their countries, so they have to flee to Europe! It is hard to reach UK, US or Australia – because there are some distance away and protected by oceans. We couldn’t care less what Billo Virus has to tell us.

  • Zaphod Braden

    It took the “genius” this long to figure it out? Of course Gates is just a thief & a weasel … He stole DOS & sells software the customers have to fix.

  • I’ve always regarded Bill Gates as a shabby person, a very wealthy marketing promoter with questionable business ethics.

    This just reinforces the impression.

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  • Tim Hadfield

    All part of the Kalergi plan folks – panic over, everything is under control.