Royal Marine Annual Arctic Warfare Exercises Scrapped Due To Lack Of Cash

Royal Marine Commandos will be denied the opportunity to run an annual exercise in Norway to practice their Arctic warfare specialism due to a lack of cash.

The financial issues mean that the 2018 exercise will not be run. The warfighting training usually takes place each year for up to 700 marines to sharpen their skills in sub-zero conditions.

Marines are the UK’s main Arctic warfare specialists and the news comes at a time when the Royal Navy, of which the marines are a part of, is trying to plug a £500 million (US$648 million) budget gap.

Commando-trained army personnel, Royal Navy sailors and aircrew also take part in the training.

One source told the Times newspaper that cutting the exercise would have a broader impact.

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  • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    If they can’t afford to play war, then why are they in such a hurry to create WWIII?