UK Government Alarmed By Massive Rise In Acid Attacks

A dramatic rise in acid attacks across the UK has prompted the government of British Prime Minister Theresa May to review lax laws that let assailants get away with the hideous crime.

The number of reported assaults involving acid and other corrosive substances across the UK have nearly trebled over the past four years, going from 248 cases in 2012 all the way up to 720 in 2016, The Daily Mirror reported Sunday.

London has become a hotspot for such assaults. Last year, 431 attacks were reported in the British capital, up from the 261 cases reported a year earlier. Official figures put the number of acid attacks at around 1,500 since 2011.

The latest wave of acid attacks hit London on Thursday, when five men were assaulted over a 70-minute period.

An alarming number of the attacks so far have been attributed to Islamophobia, in the wake of a steep rise in hate crime attacks against Muslim communities.


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