Violent crime rising throughout US, FBI says

So the FBI came out today with their 2016 crime report. The mainstream media, as usual, ignores the real story. As privileged multi-millionaire football players protest our national anthem for some social justice warrior bullshit about blacks being unfairly targeted by police, the FACTS tell a different story. All you need to know is in table 21 of the FBI report. See for yourself:

To give you some highlights and perspective on the data you need to understand that black men make up about 6% of the US population. Young black men make up about 3% of the population. So understand clearly that only 3% of the US population is primarily responsible for:

  • 53% of all the murders in the US
  • 55% of all the robberies in the US
  • 29% of all the rapes in the US
  • 33% of all the aggravated assaults in the US
  • 28% of all the larceny thefts in the US
  • 31% of all the motor vehicle thefts in the US
  • 23% of all the arson’s in the US

I’d venture to conclude young black men seem to be a bit of a problem when it comes to crime. Maybe white people should kneel down during the national anthem to protest this crime wave sweeping across America created by black men. Or would that be racist? Facts sure are an inconvenient truth for left wingers and their false narratives. Table 21 of the FBI report will not see the light of day anywhere but here.

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