French Build Wall To Stop Migrant Resort

French locals have built a wall around an abandoned hotel to stop its use as a proposed migrant resort. The residents of the southwestern French town of Séméac erected a 60-foot-long, six-foot-tall wall to bar access to the former F1 hotel after they found out about the secret plan to turn it into a shelter for 85 […]

The Biotech Industry Is Taking Over The Regulation Of GMOs From The Inside

The British non-profit GMWatch recently revealed the agribusiness takeover of Conabia, the National Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology of Argentina. Conabia is the GMO assessment body of Argentina. According to GMWatch, 26 of 34 its members were either agribusiness company employees or had major conflicts of interest.* Packing a regulatory agency with conflicted individuals is one way […]

Hackers Nab $32mn In Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Some $32 million worth of ether cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers. Ether, a digital currency, resides on the ethereum network and is now a rival to Bitcoin. The monumental theft was carried out due to a bug on a wallet software program. The hacking into Parity wallet started Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday, […]

EU Preparing To Hit Back At US ‘Within Days’ Over Russia Bans: Report

The European Union is reportedly making preparations to hit back at the US “within days” if Washington’s possible new sanctions against Russia affect European businesses, including oil firms. US Republicans and Democrats agreed Saturday on a deal allowing new sanctions against Russia, in a bill that would limit any potential effort by President Donald Trump to […]

Mélenchon Hails French Army As He Launches Movement Against Macron’s Cuts

The crisis that erupted after the resignation of French armed forces chief of staff General Pierre de Villiers has rapidly exposed the class character of Unsubmissive France (LFI). Shortly after launching LFI’s movement against President Emmanuel Macron’s drastic austerity policies, LFI leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon rapidly aligned himself with the financial demands de Villiers had made […]

The Limits Of The Sandra Bland Act

Two years ago this month, Sandra Bland was found hanged in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas, three days after State Trooper Brian Encinia stopped her for failing to signal a lane change and threatened her with tasering, pushed her to the ground, and arrested her for refusing to put out her cigarette. She […]

‘Smuggling Venture Gone Horribly Wrong’: Illegal Migrants Found Dead Of Heat Exhaustion In Trailer

The US Department of Homeland Security has taken over the investigation of an immigrant smuggling case, where at least 8 people were found dead from heat exhaustion in a locked up trailer in San Antonio, Texas. At least nine Latin American illegal immigrants died after being left unintended inside a tractor-trailer in the parking lot […]

Government Owns Your Children

The state is deciding who is fit to be parents, keeping parents from treating their sick kids, and arresting parents if their kids skip school. Oh but don’t worry about that smart device in the home. All that info it’s collecting on your kids could never fall into the wrong hands. 1. State Decides If You […]

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