A knockout week for the post-shame political class | Stewart Lee

Knock knock? Who’s there? Benjamin Netanya. Benjamin Netanya who? That’s right, can I come in and see Theresa May please?

Before you clog up the below-the-line comments for this column with criticisms, I am aware this knock-knock joke doesn’t quite work, logically. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was left standing at the unanswered door of No 10 on Monday, yes, but his name is not Benjamin Netanya. It is Benjamin Netanyahu.

And of course, when asked “Who’s there?”, Benjamin Netanyahu would have given his entire name, not an inexplicably truncated version of it in order to set up an illogical punchline. He’s not going around the globe trying to amuse world leaders into taking action against Iran by entertainingly editing his own name to make a joke work. He’s not that clever.

While Theresa May’s Monday “Doorgate” scandal blew over quickly, if Jeremy Corbyn had left a world leader standing unwelcomed at his door, we would never have heard the end of it from the biased British news media.

An event doesn’t even have to have happened for us to be able to hear already the frivolous tone of dishonest levity Laura Kuenssberg would have deployed to cover it, like a gossipy schoolgirl, breathlessly telling you the bad news in a voice suggesting at once self-righteous horror and salacious excitement.

If smelly Tania Masters had wet her…

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