Brexit diaries: article 50's rebel MPs don't have public backing

“The people voted to go. The MPs should have abstained or stepped down if they don’t want to be part of it.”

That was the view of Patricia from Belfast towards the MPs who opposed triggering article 50. She voted to remain in the EU at the referendum but would now opt to leave if the contest was re-run.

She was not the only person to have changed their mind since 23 June out of a group of voters asked by Britain Thinks for the Guardian to keep regular “Brexit diaries” of their responses to the UK’s process of leaving the European Union.

This week’s sample of 18 people was picked with equal numbers who voted in and out. Since the referendum, three remainers have turned into leavers and one leaver is now undecided.

The responses from diarists in Stoke-on-Trent, Belfast, Bradford, St Austell and Cardiff showed clear feelings of approval towards the passage of Theresa May’s Brexit bill.

This was the big diary topic of the week, with only two pro-EU Labour voters expressing sadness at watching the article 50 vote being passed and another worrying that it has not been thought through.

The majority of remainers seemed resigned to the process, believing that MPs should not interfere with the democratic decision of the people. “There is no way the MPs could have gone against the populist choice I’m afraid,” said one Labour remain voter in St Austell. “It would have had massive implications and caused uproar. Sad, but true!”

Meanwhile, leavers were…

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