Clarence Thomas’ wife promoting Trump travel ban that may wind up before Supreme Court

The wife of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice is helping to organize against grassroots resistance to President Donald Trump and his policies — especially the travel ban.

The Daily Beast obtained an email from Ginny Thomas, the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, to a conservative listserv group asking how she could help promote the president’s controversial policies.

“What is the best way to, with minimal costs, set up a daily text capacity for a ground up-grassroots army for pro-Trump daily action items to push back against the left’s resistance efforts who are trying to make America ungovernable?” Thomas wrote. “I see the left has Daily Action @YourDailyAction and their Facebook likes are up to 61K.”

That group, Daily Action, urges activists to make one phone call a day to oppose Trump policies.

“There are some grassroots activists, who seem beyond the Republican party or the conservative movement, who wish to join the fray on social media for Trump and link shields and build momentum,” Thomas wrote. “I met with a house load of them yesterday and we want a daily textable tool to start… Suggestions?”

Neither Thomas or her husband returned requests for comment.

Ginni Thomas, who has drawn attention in the past for her Tea Party activism, also complained about former acting attorney general Sally Yates.

She described Yates, in a piece for The Daily…

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