David Cameron jokes: 'I don't have to listen any more to wiretaps of Donald Trump'

David Cameron has joked that a major advantage of being an ex-prime minister is that he is no longer required to listen to Donald Trump’s wiretapped conversations – adding swiftly, perhaps for the benefit of the Twitter-happy president: “Just to be clear, that’s a joke.”

The former British prime minister was speaking on Monday at Brown University, Rhode Island, where he delivered the 94th Ogden memorial lecture on international affairs, touching upon Brexit, Vladimir Putin and making America great again in front of a sold-out audience of around 2,400.

He told them that despite 2016 being marked by the election of Trump and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union – a result that guillotined his premiership – tolerance, rather than nationalism and isolation, would be the way forward, the Providence Journal reported.

“When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it felt a bit like all the big arguments were over. It was obvious that we needed more democracies, we needed more rule of law, we needed free enterprise, we needed free trade, we needed Nato, we needed to stand up to aggression, we should invest in the United Nations … today, all of these questions are under debate.

“Your president doesn’t agree with some of the things I’ve just said.”

The US and UK were, Cameron said, “the guardians of freedom, of tolerance, of equality and, yes, of justice. Fight for them and we really will be great again …

“Far from being in retreat, democracy has been…

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