How UK farmers could do without EU workers | Letters

The fall in immigration from the EU since the referendum vote suggests that Theresa May’s “pull factor” is in the process of correcting itself, an outcome that was easily predictable (Jobs going unfilled as EU workers desert UK, 13 February). There is no reason to expect this trend to reverse, and so it seems that the market forces so beloved by the Conservatives are doing the job for them. In that case there is no need for physical controls on immigration, which are bound to be contentious whatever their form. Not for the first time in her brief premiership, in relation to immigration Mrs May would be well advised to wait and see. So too would the Labour party.
Robin Wendt

Sorry to read that EU workers are deserting us as a result of Brexit. But there may be another source of supply. During the 1940s a lorry would arrive at school in the morning to take a class of children into deepest rural Hertfordshire for a day’s work in the fields. Letters to the local paper would complain that their education was being interrupted. However, the best French essay I ever wrote was on “Le ramassage des pommes de terres”. Our French teacher stopped me in the corridor to say: “Your essay was veeery good. Have you had ’elp?” (His haitches were never very good.)
Margaret Baker
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

British farmers are suffering because they can’t get enough migrant workers to pick their crops post Brexit. Why don’t people in the UK want to…

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