John Bercow backed by MPs across Commons

MPs from parties across the House of Commons, including Labour, the Conservatives, the SNP and Ukip, have signed an amendment backing the Speaker, John Bercow, to try to halt attempts by Tory backbenchers to remove him from office.

Julian Lewis, the Tory chair of the defence select committee, emailed MPs on Thursday afternoon asking them to back an amendment to an early day motion stating that the Commons had “no confidence in the speaker.” The amendment from Lewis removed the word “no” from the motion.

Bercow provoked Tory backbench anger last week when he publicly vetoed any invitation to the US president, Donald Trump, to address both houses of parliament, saying the Commons had a long history of opposing racism and sexism.

The Speaker is facing growing pressure, including over a claim that he told a group of students he had voted remain in the EU referendum, an action some MPs said contravened his obligation to be neutral.

MPs representing all parties in the Commons have signed the motion supporting Bercow. They include Labour’s Stephen Doughty, the Tory MPs Lewis and David Amess, the SNP’s Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, and Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards.

Others who have signed are the Lib Dems’ Tom Brake, Ukip’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, and the Green party co-leader Caroline Lucas. Northern Irish MPs from three parties have signed: the DUP’s Jim Shannon, Danny Kinahan from the UUP and Mark Durkan from the SDLP. Sinn Féin is the only other party…

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