John Oliver nails it: ‘Consistently monstrous’ Trump is cutting non-military programs as a ‘f*ck you’

President Donald Trump’s budget was crafted from his speeches, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told “CBS This Morning.” But when John Oliver played back some of Trump’s speeches he had no idea how Mulvaney came up with with the plan.

“The list of cuts scroll by like the ending credits to America,” Oliver noted on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight.”

Where Trump won’t be cutting, however, is with the military and nuclear capabilities. During the 2016 campaign, Trump said nuclear strength was one of his highest priorities.

“Putin has built up their military again and again, and again,” Trump said last year. “Their military is much stronger. He’s doing nuclear. We’re not doing anything. Our nuclear is old and tired and his nuclear is tippy-top, from what I hear.”

Somehow Mulvaney took that speech and managed to put a dollar amount on it for the budget. “Let’s trickle-dickle some money-bunnies into our boom-boom budget,” Oliver joked. “We’re aiming for tippy-top people because remember we’re talking about the most lethal weapons in the history of mankind. So, if we can, tippy-tippy-top.”

When it comes to the State Department, Sec. Rex Tillerson explained that Trump’s cuts will be fine in the end because “there will be fewer conflicts that the U.S. will be directly engaged in.”

Oliver stopped…

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