Lack of transparency over green energy subsidies 'shambolic', say MPs

MPs have criticised ministers for their “shambolic” failure to regularly spell out the impact of government green policies on household energy bills.

The Commons public accounts committee said the government had missed its commitment to publishing annual reports on how consumer bills were affected by subsidies to support solar and wind power.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change made the pledge in July 2014, but has not given an update on the implications for householders since November that year. Renewable energy subsidies such as the feed-in tariff for solar power are ultimately paid by consumers through government levies on energy bills.

“Either they’re trying to hide something or they’re incompetent. It’s not on, because it affects both the [energy industry] supply chain and consumers,” said Labour MP Meg Hillier, the committee’s chair.

“If it was taxes, we’d all be looking at it much more closely – but it’s still money out of people’s pockets and it’s not acceptable. It’s just shambolic really.”

In a report published on Tuesday, the committee said officials should disclose the costs and savings from the green policies so consumers could decide if they were good value for money.

An overspend on renewable energy subsidies – due to so much green energy being deployed – is forecast to push the average household bill £17 higher than it would have been in 2020. The committee said the overspend reflected “a culture of…

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