Many questions raised over George Osborne appointment

George Osborne’s appointment (Report, 18 March) merely confirms what Londoners have always known – that the Standard is a rightwing rag. Fortunately its influence seems to be minimal, evidenced by Sadiq Khan’s triumph in the mayoral elections despite the campaign the Standard ran in favour of Zac Goldsmith, of which some aspects were racist in tone. Much more worrying is the appointment of Sarah Sands, who was in charge of the Standard during that campaign, as editor of the Today programme despite failing to have any experience of broadcast journalism, for example.

The bias shown by Today against the Labour party in the 2015 general election – witness John Humphrys’ derisive tone towards Ed Miliband in his final interview, compared with the respectful acceptance of everything said by Nick Clegg and David Cameron in their interviews – and the derision they have subsequently heaped on Jeremy Corbyn, is worrying development and this appointment may only exacerbate it.
Chris Wallis

I find it odd that the Evening Standard wants an editor who has no journalistic experience or qualification (and little time) and, if I worked there, I’d be very disappointed not to have been given the opportunity to apply for the job. But what really worries me is the fact that no one else seems to find it wrong that highly paid, highly responsible job appointments can be made without any proper open process. The only one of Osborne’s jobs to have any semblance of…

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