MP tables motion of no confidence in John Bercow over Trump comments

A Conservative MP has tabled a motion of no confidence in John Bercow after the House of Commons Speaker said Donald Trump should not be allowed to address parliament because of his racism and sexism.

James Duddridge, a former Foreign Office minister, told Sky News that there was a great deal of support on the Conservative benches for removing him.

“He has overstepped the mark a number of times but this most recent incident – where he used the Speaker’s chair to pronounce his views on an international situation in some quite detailed and lengthy manner – is wholly inappropriate and it means that he can no longer reasonably chair, as Speaker, any debate on those subjects,” he said. “This has been happening more and more often from this modernising Speaker. This is perhaps the straw that has broken the camel’s back.

“He doesn’t really understand the degree of the anger in the House of Commons, the distrust in his role as Speaker of the House of Commons, and I expect over the recess – because parliament now shuts down for one week – over that week the number of MPs speaking out either publicly or privately to journalists will increase and increase and it will be known his position is untenable, perhaps even to the point that he doesn’t return on the Monday.”

The government has said the future of the Speaker is a matter for parliament after Duddridge wrote to the prime minister asking her to confirm that she would offer a free vote if a vote of no…

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