New Footage of Michael Brown on the Day He Was Killed Shows How Easy It Is for Cops to Paint Victims as 'Bad Guys'

AUGUST 18 2014: Peoples Power Assembly staged an emergency rally at 1 Police Plaza before marching to City Hall seeking justice for Eric Garner, Michael Brown & others killed by police.
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Last weekend, a new development emerged in the story of the 2014 killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, whose death sparked unrest across the nation. Previously unreleased footage of Brown inside the convenience store that the police claimed he had robbed before he was confronted by Darren Wilson, the former officer, contradicts the story the police department pushed about Brown’s actions that day.

The original narrative that emerged from many eyewitnesses in the immediate aftermath of Brown’s death, which was later contradicted by others, was that Brown, who was slated to attend college in a few weeks, put up his hands and then Wilson blew holes through him anyway. But Ferguson law enforcement officials quickly pushed back with the “Mike Brown was no angel” narrative, releasing a video that appears to show Mike Brown robbing a local convenient store before Wilson stops him. This shows Brown snatching what appears to be store property and exiting the store; however, the newly released video clearly shows an earlier exchange, not a robbery.

It would be hard to argue that the false narrative put forth by the Ferguson police…

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