‘Oh, come on Jeffrey’: Anderson Cooper finally reaches his limit with Jeffrey Lord defending Trump lies

Led by host Anderson Cooper, an entire CNN panel blew up on regular Jeffrey Lord who refused to admit that President Donald Trump habitually lies when — not only when he speaks — but when he tweets.

Addressing Trump’s tweets about ex-President Barack Obama wiretapping his offices,  the panel turned to presidential credibility, with long time White House aide David Gergen explaining that President Lyndon Johnson,”didn’t have a credibility gap, he had a canyon.”

“That is what is happening here,” Gergen asserted. “It makes a real difference in the capacity of a president. We’ve seen it again and again. when we have a president who is a congenital liar, it really matters.”

When Lord jumped in to attack former President Obama for saying people would be able to keep their doctors under Obamacare, host Anderson Cooper pulled him up short.

“Do you believe he has lied repeatedly?’ Cooper asked.

“No,” Lord replied causing the whole panel to explode.

“That electoral thing that you just mentioned,” Lord said speaking over protests. “The electoral tweet, I think they are referring to the questions which we all saw where they asked, did this influence, do you have information about Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin.”

“That’s not what the tweet said,” Cooper shot back.

“Well that’s part of the electoral process,” Lord parried.

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