Involuntary manslaughter charges as a result of the Flint water crisis

Last week, Michigan’s top prosecutor announced that five officials, including the state’s Health Department head Nick Lyon, will face charges of involuntary manslaughter for a death resulting from the Flint water crisis. It’s a move virtually unheard of in modern American history; legal experts couldn’t point to a single case in which government officials were […]

Human Rights Watch claim police officers are groping Indigenous women

Male police officers are strip searching, groping and roughing up Indigenous women in Saskatchewan, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Monday. The organization says it has documented 64 allegations of violent abuse toward Indigenous women at the hands of municipal police and RCMP officers. The RCMP says it will “take time to thoroughly review” the […]

CNN anti-Trump poll blows up in their face

After months of attacks on President Trump and daily conspiracy theories CNN must be very upset with the results from their latest online poll. CNN asked, “Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?” Note: They did not even show enough respect to call him ‘President Trump.’ To their chagrin, OVER 70% of 2.6 million […]

BBC attempts to normalize pedophilia

Nearly two years after the far left publication Salon ended its crusade to normalize pedophilia, the BBC picked up the slack, posting a piece suggesting pedophiles just need “help” not “condemnation.” The BBC is no stranger when it comes to controversy related to pedophilia. The British news outlet once employed popular TV personality Jimmy Savile, […]

The secret deal with Russia that Hillary Clinton hopes you never discover

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer a highly enriched uranium (HEU) previously confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during a 2006 “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices,” a newly leaked classified cable shows. So-called “background” information was provided in the cable which gave vague […]

Son of Osama bin Laden is reviving Al-Qaeda

The foothills of the Spin Ghar mountain range, two dozen miles south of Jalalabad in the borderland between Afghanistan and Pakistan, were once home to hundreds of olive plantations. For tens of thousands of acres, there used to be farms clustered along the banks of the Nangarhar Canal, a monumental hydroelectric irrigation project completed in […]

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