US Navy Test-Fires Anti-Drone Laser Gun

The US Navy says it has successfully tested the world’s first laser gun system designed to target drones and “a variety” of other targets. Dubbed the Laser Weapons System (LaWS), the gun was recently tested by the amphibious transport ship USS Ponce against a mock enemy drone, CNN reported Tuesday. According to the report, the […]

UK Government ‘Denying Abused Children Compensation’

The British government has been accused of denying hundreds of sexually abused children the right to receive compensation. A group of charities raised concern with Justice Secretary David Lidington in a letter, after freedom of information requests revealed that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was refusing to pay child abuse victims on the grounds […]

CNN: “Russia Is An Adversary, Ukraine Is Not.”

Monday morning. David Chalian, CNN Political Director, on CNN’s “New Day” program. News ticker: “How do Trump-Russia and DNC-Ukraine compare? New Day co-anchor Alysin Camerota (former Fox anchor) puts the question to her Political Director. Chalian’s mechanical reply: “Russia is an adversary, Ukraine is not.” Camerota, as always exuding wisdom, follows up: “Thanks so much […]

Central Bankers Are Always Wrong

The global dollar-based monetary system is in serious jeopardy, according to former Texas Congressman Ron Paul. And contrary to Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s assurances that there won’t be another major crisis in our lifetime, the next economy-cratering fiat-currency crash could happen as soon as next month, Paul said during an interview with Josh Sigurdson of World […]

Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George Soros

After a two-year battle to keep migrants out of the country, Hungary has directed its full attention toward one of its own: billionaire investor George Soros. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrapped up a six-week anti-Soros campaign Saturday. The streets of Budapest have been filled with posters and billboards of the Hungarian-born billionaire with the caption […]

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