Robert Reich Lays Waste to Trump's Rudderless White House: 'The Sloppiest Management I've Ever Seen'

Photo Credit: CNN / YouTube

Robert Reich, who served as secretary of labor under Bill Clinton, is the first to admit that new administrations are prone to confusion and disorder. But the Berkeley professor believes there is no historical precedent for the chaos that has engulfed the first month of Trump’s presidency.

“You have an executive order, a travel ban going out without any coordination with any other agency, creating absolute uncertainty and wild, wild uncertainty among the people who are supposed to be enforcing it,” Reich told Anderson Cooper Tuesday night.

“You’ve got a chief of staff who doesn’t even know exactly how to run a White House, you’ve got Kellyanne Conway who is out [pushing] Ivanka’s products, [and] Sean Spicer is a late-night comedy joke.”

As for Michael Flynn’s resignation and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago “press conference,” Reich attributes both to a White House that leaks like a sieve.

“You’ve got leaks and backbiting, it’s not clear what is going on, who’s in charge; the New York Times yesterday was [reporting that] the National Security Agency doesn’t even want to brief the White House on what’s going on in terms of top-secret intelligence for fear that it is all compromised. Even the situation room is compromised with regard to Russia,” Reich fumed. “I mean, what kind of White House is this, anyway?”

The former labor secretary also reminded Cooper of a key Trump campaign…

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