‘SEE YOU IN COURT’: Trump’s travel ban faces legal challenges in courts across the US

Beth Kohn protests outside the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals courthouse in San Francisco, California February 7, 2017, while the Court hears arguments regarding President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries. (REUTERS/Noah Berger)

A U.S. appeal court’s refusal to reinstate a temporary travel ban on refugees and citizens from seven mainly Muslim countries is a setback for U.S. President Donald Trump’s sweeping immigration agenda, but the government is pressing ahead on multiple legal fronts.

The administration will continue to defend the executive order – both in the Washington case that produced Thursday’s ruling and possibly at the Supreme Court – and in more than a dozen additional lawsuits now moving through the U.S. court system.

On Friday, a federal court in Virginia will hold a hearing on a request for a preliminary injunction on aspects of the ban in a case brought by the state of Virginia on behalf of lawful permanent residents detained at Dulles International Airport or denied entry after the ban went into effect.

Some of the cases were filed on behalf of travelers from the countries affected by the ban who were detained at U.S. airports upon arriving in the country.

Others have been filed by states, civil liberties groups and refugee resettlement agencies with companies and non-profit organizations joining in with supporting briefs.

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