Tech Leader Warns Trump U.S. Could Lose Talent to Canada With His Immigrant Ban

Photo Credit: CNBC / YouTube

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with President Trump at the White House on Monday, seeking common ground on NAFTA, the trade deal Trump believes is America’s worst and should be renegotiated. However, America’s northern NAFTA partner could likely see major economic gains as a result of another U.S. policy, as explained by Recode co-founder Kara Swisher.

“There were reports initially after Trump’s immigration order that Canadian tech companies were actually encouraging Trudeau to try to recruit workers from other countries, from the U.S., instead, to go to Canada,” CNBC correspondent Sara Eisen recalled. 

“Not that Canada is necessarily the biggest threat for U.S. technology companies, but it does make you wonder, Kara, about the U.S.’s competitiveness on a global basis, based on some of the policies we’re seeing,” Eisen added before turning to Swisher. 

“I couldn’t agree more,” Swisher said. “The way we built this up, here in this country, is an astonishing thing, but it could go just as quickly,” Swisher warned. Tech companies publicly denounced Trump’s immigration ban in an open letter, which Swisher published a draft of on February 1. 

“If there’s other countries that are more amenable to immigration and amenable to innovation, amenable to what it takes to create innovation, which is, you know, open borders of talented people being able to create…

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