‘This guy has to read a book!’: CNN panel erupts over Trump’s attacks on the media, intel community

A CNN panel on Wednesday slammed the Trump administration over mounting conflict surrounding the resignation of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

On “The Situation Room” Wednesday, Wolf Blitzer asked CNN political correspondent Dana Bash about Trump’s claim that the “fake media” and intelligence agencies are responsible for Flynn’s resignation.

“That’s just not true, It’s just absolutely not true,” Bash replied noting White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted at a press conference Tuesday that Trump “lost trust” in Flynn.

“The fact of the matter is … defense intelligence agency has suspended Flynn’s security clearance while they’re investigating,” Bash reported. “That doesn’t happen because of the ‘fake media,’ that happens because there’s concern about something he did.”

Noting the president tweeted on Wednesday that negative reports about him are “conspiracy theories,” almost immediately after tweeting that “intelligence is [being] illegally given out” by intelligence officials, Wolf asked if Trump undermined himself with those two tweets.

“He’s got no real strategy here,” CNN correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson replied. “He has these talking points about leaks, which are similar to talking points that are being picked up by other Republicans and conservative outlets.”

“In terms of…

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