This is a battle about who owns the soul of the Labour party | Suzanne Moore

So he is not immortal after all? The part of the Labour party that supports Jeremy Corbyn is edging out of its fantasy that Corbyn will lead them to a great victory in 2020.

We now know from a secret recording of Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum, that the grassroots organisation is privately preparing for an early election and wants to put someone in place who can continue Corbyn’s exemplary work of plummeting in popularity among every age group in every area. This is some sort of progress. Of course, not Progress, that Blairite organisation, but at least it is reaching the point everyone else did long ago. Corbyn has not grown into leadership, only in incompetence.

The issue then becomes about whether the left of the party can maintain control and change the rules to get one of its candidates on the next leadership ballot paper. This is a battle about who owns the soul of the Labour party.

Lansman told a meeting of Momentum supporters that he wanted to get activists in key positions to ensure the correct Corbyn succession. He also outlined a plan whereby the union Unite affiliates to Momentum via Len McCluskey’s re-election as Unite leader.

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson, who has long been warning of “entryism”, says this all amounts to “a hard-left plan to control the Labour party”. Now the secret takeover by Momentum of the Labour party is not so secret. Watson and Lansman have taken to talking to each other on Twitter like battling superheroes trying to…

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