Tory MP trying to oust John Bercow says he has cross-party support

The Tory MP trying to oust John Bercow as the Speaker has claimed colleagues from all parties, including ministers, support his efforts to remove him and that a vote will be held on his future.

James Duddridge, the MP for Southend and Rochford, said he has been advised parliament will provide time for a motion of no confidence to be debated and the government has assured him there will be a free vote.

“Ministers have been on the phone to me over the weekend, as well as backbenchers and people of all political parties, saying they will vote with me in the lobbies against Speaker Bercow. Enough is enough, we need a new impartial Speaker,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday.

The campaign against Bercow began after he told the Commons he would oppose any attempt to let Donald Trump address both Houses of Parliament during his UK state visit.

It gathered momentum over the weekend after a video emerged of Bercow telling students he had voted to remain in the EU, leading critics to further question his impartiality.

The Sunday Telegraph obtained footage in which he told students at Reading University: “Personally I voted to remain. I thought it was better to stay in the European Union than not.” He went on to say that the “untruths” spoken during the referendum and the “racist sentiment” whipped up by some parts of the Brexit campaign did not invalidate the result.

Duddridge is leading efforts to oust the Speaker, with the support of a number of…

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