Tory MPs planning no-confidence vote in Speaker over Trump comments

Conservative MPs hope to table a vote of no confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, after his outspoken remarks about the US president, Donald Trump, earlier this week.

Backbenchers have told the Guardian they have approached the clerks of the House of Commons to ask whether they can table a motion, despite the fact it would be unlikely to succeed.

Bercow infuriated some MPs when he said he would not countenance the idea of Trump addressing both Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall.

The idea of ousting him was given fresh impetus on Wednesday when ITV’s Robert Peston obtained a draft question that backbench Conservative MP James Duddridge had planned to ask at prime minister’s questions, had he been called by the Speaker.

Duddridge hoped to say: “There is a good tradition of the government not interfering in House matters,” adding, “Will my right honourable friend therefore give me the assurance that the government will not interfere and will give minsters a free vote in any vote of no confidence in the Speaker?”

Some MPs appear to hope that Bercow will step down before any vote is called, as one of his predecessors, Michael Martin, did after losing the backing of the then Labour government.

Bercow told MPs on Monday afternoon that he had been against the idea of Trump speaking in Westminster Hall and that recent policies, such as Trump’s order banning entry to the US of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations, had left…

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