Ukip leader admits claim he lost close friends at Hillsborough was false

The Ukip leader, Paul Nuttall, is facing more questions about Hillsborough after being forced to admit that claims on his website about losing close friends in the disaster were false.

In an interview with Liverpool’s Radio City News on Tuesday, it was put to him that in 2012 he said on his website that he had “lost close personal friends”. Nuttall denied making the claim.

When the presenter, Dave Easson, who was at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster, showed him the evidence that the claim had been made on his website, Nuttall replied: “I haven’t lost a close, personal friend. I’ve lost someone who I know.”

Nuttall then suggested that he was not responsible for the statement, saying: “I’m sorry about that, but that is something … I haven’t put that out. That is wrong.”

The admission comes four days after the Guardian reported that Nuttall had denied lying about being at Hillsborough on the day of the 1989 disaster.

On Monday, when asked about the claim that he had not been at Hillsborough, Nuttall said: “I feel bloody angry, angrier than I’ve ever been and I thought I had seen everything in politics.

“I know it’s a dirty game, but this is beyond scraping the barrel to be perfectly honest with you. It’s upset me personally, it’s upset my family.”

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall admits that claims on his website that he lost a “close personal friend” at Hillsborough are false

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