'We're the moderates', claim Momentum, saying 'silly' media labels harming Labour's chances – Politics live

On Sunday the Observer published a recording of Jon Lansman, the head of Momentum, addressing a meeting of the pro-Jeremy Corbyn Labour organisation in Kingston. The Observer said it revealed “a hard-left plot by supporters of Corbyn to seize permanent control of the Labour party”.

That prompted Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, to denounce Momentum’s plans on Twitter. As the Guardian reports, Lansman hit back.

This morning the row is escalating. Watson gave an interview to the Today programme earlier, and in it he said the Observer tape revealed “a hard left plan … to take control of the Labour party”. He said he would be speaking to Corbyn about this, and he urged Labour members to oppose what Momentum was doing. He told the programme:

[On the recording] Jon Lansman outlined a hard left plan to control the Labour party after Jeremy’s departure … There was also a plan to organise, to take control of the Labour party. Indeed, he actually said the plan was more important than the election …

I regard this as a battle for the future existence of the Labour party. This is high stakes, and I hope my fellow members are going to understand that, and our leader.

I hope [Corbyn] is going to deal with Jon Lansman …

I’m afraid there are some people who do not have our electoral interests at their heart and that’s why I’m speaking out now.

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